OCTOBER 5 & 6, 2019

The 2nd Annual Police Fitness Challenge is a tactical and obstacle, 2-person TEAM event for law enforcement personnel or anyone wanting to participate in this fun, exciting and challenging event.  The course is located on a 120-acre private farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Galax, Virginia. It’s three miles long, features over 20 obstacles, and ends with the obstacle that makes this event both special and unique — a timed marksmanship component!

Teams for the Law Enforcement Challenge are comprised of (2) persons and can be from any agency (not necessarily from same agency). Teams for the Open Challenge are also (2) persons, age 14 and over (under 18 requires a parent or guardian signature). Note that there is no marksmanship component for the Open Challenge portion of the event.

Pre-registration is encouraged; day-of-event registration is from 8:00 am – 11:00 am for the Law Enforcement Challenge on Saturday, and 8:00 am – 11:00 am for the Open Challenge on Sunday.

Individuals: If you would like to participate, but do not have a teammate, please contact us at info@policefitness.com and we will make every effort to pair you with another participant. If you prefer, you can come to the registration table the day of the event and register. Again, we will make every effort on-site to find you a teammate – we want everyone who wishes to experience THE POLICE FITNESS CHALLENGE – to get their wish!

Address for obstacle course:   1973 Skyline Highway • Galax, VA 24333

Police Fitness Challenge Rules and Tips

    • Every runner is responsible to fully understand and know the Race Rules prior to event.
    • Race officials have the final say in all aspects of the race.
    • Registration fees are non refundable. Substitutes are accepted.
    • Race is designed to be rain or shine. But in the case of severe weather or natural disasters, Police Fitness reserves the right suspend, modify, or cancel the activities on behalf of the health and safety of competitors, organizers and spectators.
    • This course has hazards that may include; uneven terrain, hills, obstacles over 13 feet high, and possible mud or water.
    • Follow all signs, markings and directions along the course.
    • Safety is most important.  Course obstacles may be hazardous.  Race is designed to push you to your limits.  You do not have to complete any obstacle that you are uncomfortable with.
    • Notify race staff if you are injured at any time. EMTs will be on site.
    • Participants assume all responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred during this event.
    • The minimum age to participate is 14 years of age on race day.
    • Teams must start and finish together.
    • Teams must attempt every obstacle to be considered for prizes.
    • Team members may assist each other on all obstacles and are encouraged to help other teams.
    • Obstacles must be completed in the manner in which they are designed to be completed. If you do not understand how to do an obstacle, please ask the staff at the obstacle and then follow instructions.
    • Be courteous and let faster teams pass.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
    • Participants must wear bibs facing forward with numbers visible.
    • Shoes are required. No cleats or spikes.
    • No drugs or alcohol allowed on the premises.  Anyone found under the influence will not be allowed to participate and will forfeit all race fees.
    • Photographers and videographers will be on site.  Participants agree to allow Police Fitness to use images or video footage for promotional purposes.
    • Remember to properly warm up…hydrate prior to, during, and after event…and prepare yourself mentally to accept this Challenge!  Most importantly bring a great attitude and be ready for an awesome day!


    • Spectators are only allowed in designated areas.
    • Clean up all trash.
    • No outside coolers.
    • No drugs or alcohol on the premises.

Rules for Tactical Component

    • Each 2-person team will need one carbine in addition to each personal sidearm.
    • Personal eye and ear protection required
    • Each team will need to provide their own door-breeching device
    • Safety will be strictly enforced. Any muzzle sweep or unsafe action will result in team disqualification from this portion of event.
    • Loading of weapons at RO command only; range is cold until given the command to make ready.
    • Points based on both accuracy and time.
    • In the event of a target malfunction, team must call ceasefire; if COF is completed prior to communicating to RO then the score will count.
    • Round count not to exceed 50 rounds pistol, 20 rounds carbine per team.
    • Must have active-duty law enforcement ID or security credentials to participate in tactical challenge

Registration Options for the Event

Law Enforcement: Team Registration ($100.00)The Law Enforcement Challenge begins Saturday at 9:00 am. The Challenge is a 2-person Team Event and is available only to active law enforcement personnel. Includes a tactical portion.

Open Challenge: Team Registration ($100.00)The Open Challenge begins Sunday at 9am. The Open is a 2-person Team Event and includes anyone 14 and over.

Open Challenge: Team Student Discount ($60.00)  The Open Challenge begins Sunday at 9am. The Open is a 2-person Team Event and includes anyone 14 and over. (Student rate of $60 requires that you present your Student ID when you pick up your packet the day of the race)

Schedule of Events:

Saturday October, 5th @ 9:00 AM:  LAW ENFORCEMENT CHALLENGE

Saturday’s event is ONLY for active-duty law enforcement officers (2-person teams).

Sunday October, 6th @ 1:00PM: OPEN CHALLENGE

Sunday’s event is open for anyone 14 and over to participate (2-person teams). Note: There is no marksmanship component for the Open Challenge event.